Managing and Learning from Serious Incidents

Regardless of what industry you work in, managing your obligations and response to serious incidents is critical. But once the dust has settled, how do you capture and use the learnings from the incident investigation? For aged, care the obligations have been strengthened under the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) introduced earlier this year.

At Riskteq we believe incident management should be just one part of a broader management framework aimed at driving process / safety / quality improvements.

  • early warning systems are key
  • understand the risks driving incidents
  • take an integrated systems approach

Getting your policies and procedures right for dealing with serious incidents is the first step. Then your near misses, complaints and feedback systems will need to act as key early warning mechanisms to alert you to emerging trends and risks. Having reporting to monitor these, and analysis tools to help you decide which of these trends and risks require your attention, is vital.

And then you’ll be looking to have processes in place to ensure you are proactively managing and responding to your operational risks. You’ll also need to ensure you understand the drivers of serious incident risk and have appropriate controls in place. Plus your risk assessment and continuous improvement processes will need to be fine-tuned and responsive to emerging situations.

Whenever a reportable incident does happen, how you respond to the incidents, track your notification obligations and ensure open disclosure requirements are met, needs to also give you the opportunity to learn and drive improvement where necessary. That’s a lot to deal with.

Riskteq offers you an integrated approach to managing incident response and driving quality improvement.

Managing and Learning

It gives you the ability to actively manage and learn from complaints, feedback and incidents that occur. It also provides the tools to embed effective ongoing risk assessment and continuous improvement into your ‘business as usual’.

Riskteq can help you manage your compliance obligations, while delivering the best possible outcome when incidents happen. And with your policies and procedures embedded into Riskteq’s workflow engine, you can ensure consistent management of incidents, including SIRS reporting for Care.

Riskteq puts you in control.