Frequently Asked Questions

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How easy is setting up my organisation structure?
Very easy. Riskteq lets you build an organisation structure with as many branches and layers as you need, without limits. The branch structure you create also links in with system security to ensure people only see what they’re authorised to.
Can I tweak my own personal dashboard to show the information I need?
Yes, each user can control their own dashboard, so you only see the information relevant to you and your job.
Do workflows come predefined, or do I need to build them from scratch?
Predefined workflows are delivered with the product for each function in Riskteq. You can choose to use them as they are or tailor them to meet your organisations specific work practices. But you can define once and use everywhere, so if you want to lock in standard business practices right across your organisation, Riskteq helps you do that.
Can Riskteq handle risk appetite as part of my risk management?
Yes. Risk appetite is set at risk type level. So, if you have a different appetite for safety risk versus environmental or corporate risks then Riskteq has no problem dealing with it.
I don’t want to change our risk matrix. Can I embed our own risk matrix into Riskteq?
Riskteq is delivered with a default risk matrix for risks, hazards and incident assessment. But you can change those as much or as little as you need.
We use specific terminology in my industry. Can I change Riskteq terminology to include that language?
Yes, you can tailor the terminology you use in Riskteq. When terminology is changed in one place, the change will apply everywhere that word is used in the system.

Capabilities & Technology

Can I manage actions in Riskteq?
Actions can be assigned almost anywhere in Riskteq with due dates. Notifications can be sent to people who are assigned an action, or actions will appear on that person’s dashboard. As a supervisor, you can see all actions assigned to people in your area and get alerts for actions that are approaching due date but not yet completed.
Can I link Continuous Improvements to the incidents or inspections that triggered the CI proposal?
Continuous Improvements can be linked to any other item in the system. This includes the incidents or inspections that initiated the change, but also to the business objective such as a safety objective. That way you get a complete picture of how you’re managing the objective, and the steps being taken to improve organisational performance.
Can I feed in data from other systems?
Yes. Riskteq has data import capabilities for your personnel, assets and other key functions. Data is validated as it comes into Riskteq to ensure data isn’t corrupted.
Can I export report information to add into my monthly management report?
Each report has selection options so you can select departments or date ranges, and can be exported as PDF, Word, XML, or many other formats. The same goes for graphs and charts that you might have on your dashboard.
Can I manage contractors as well as employees in Riskteq?
Yes, you can. Riskteq lets you manage contractor licenses, insurance and other organisational details, with alerts and notifications for expiring items. If needed, you can even track contractor employee level managing skills and competencies for individuals.
Can the Risk Register be shared between different users in my organisation?
Yes. Once a risk has been assessed and the controls have been approved, it can be published to the Risk Register. You control who in your organisation has access to the Register.
Can I have questions where responses are required?
You can create your own forms in Riskteq for any task that needs it. Depending on the task, some questions will be mandatory as that information is needed for the system to do its job. Other questions can be set as required.
Is the system able to send automated notifications and customised messages via email for alerts and reminders?
Yes. Riskteq’s workflow engine can generate notifications and messages when needed with a link to the item. But because some people get flooded with emails, Riskteq also lets you send alerts and notifications to personal dashboards, where they can action the item directly.
Is Riskteq hosted?
Whether you use our hosting service or implement your own in-house system is up to you. If you choose cloud-based hosting, we’ll look after hardware and software upgrades, and you just look after your business. If you choose in-house hosting, we’ll work with your IT department to help them deliver the best system for you.
Can Riskteq integrate with single sign-on technology?
Yes. Riskteq works with Active Directory, and products that support SAML 2.0 protocol.
Is Riskteq based on Australian Standards?
Where standards exist for the functions in Riskteq, the product is built to support you in complying with those Standards. For example: Hazard Management is built for compliance with AS/NZS 4804; Risk Management is built for compliance with ISO 31000; and Feedback Management is built for compliance with ISO 10002. Where Australian Standards don’t exist, Riskteq is built to deliver best practice processes, such as Continuous Improvement management using the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.
How often are system upgrades released?
We work on one major release and (usually) two minor releases a year. This upgrade process is automated and done without the need for you to be offline during business hours.
Does the software have different levels of user access and permissions?
Riskteq has two user access levels: named users and view-only users. All employees can access the mobile forms to record incidents, hazards, feedback, etc. Then the security module lets you control what information each of those users can see or work with, based on their department or role.
Can I assign a particular assessments to a certain person?
Yes. Investigations or assessments can be assigned to one or more people, and the workflow engine will pass the item along to the next person in the chain, and notify them as each step in the process is completed.

Pricing & Support

How much is Riskteq to use?
We work on a monthly fee per module per named user structure. Anyone in your organisation can use the mobile forms to record incidents, hazards or provide feedback without being a named user. There are no lock in contracts, and you can vary the number of users at any time.
What support is provided?
During implementation we work closely with you to bring your system live. Once you’re up and running you can sign up for a support agreement which gives you access to our customer support portal, along with agreed response and resolution times on issues. A support manager will be assigned to your business, who’ll be in regular contact with you to make sure you get the best from the system, and arrange additional support or training for your team if needed.
How long does it take to implement Riskteq?
Implementation generally takes somewhere between two weeks and two months. This will depend on how much you want to tailor the standard configuration to your business, and how well-prepared your organisation is for your planned changes. Our consultants will help you get the best result in the shortest time possible for your business.

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