A bit about Riskteq.

Riskteq's integrated quality, safety and risk management platform was created to reduce the likelihood of adverse events, help organizations be good corporate citizens and protect their brand.


23 years in the making

Our team has been delivering best in class solutions for more than 23 years. When customers told us about the immense challenges they face within domains like safety, risk, compliance and environmental management, we built Riskteq from the ground up to help them deliver a consistent, organization-wide approach that is compliant with ANZ standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers be phenomenal corporate citizens, reduce the likelihood of adverse incidents and ensure their employees get home safe.

We do this by empowering organizations to:

How we work

Good safety and risk management gets you ahead of the game, drives proactive management so your people are appropriately skilled and can deliver the best possible environment for your staff and customers – all while meeting your compliance obligations. This is what Riskteq does.

The services we deliver:

To get you up and running with Riskteq, we use a proven approach for achieving rapid results: we start by solving today’s problems first, then supporting your move towards fully integrated safety, risk and compliance management for your organisation.

Together with you, we’ll set the project scope, timeline and business improvement goals.

We’ll train your team so they can actively participate in system configuration decision-making.

We’ll work with you to complete system configuration, data migration, testing and system acceptance, as well as change management to embed your new processes, for maximum benefit.

We’ll support your team as you move to live operation, completing the move to your new business as usual. We’ll work with you to make safety, risk and compliance management a natural and integrated part of your business.


Backed by a dedicated team.

You’ll be supported by an experienced team who have helped clients from a wide range of industries implement (and get full value from) Riskteq. No matter where you’re based, our team can provide fast and helpful remote support.

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Putting you in control for decades.

  • 1999

    Synateq founded

    Directors Chris and Melanie start Synateq, building custom application software solutions for government and industry.

  • 2005

    Building experience

    Synateq builds their code generation technology, and continues to gain experience across industry.

  • 2011

    Riskteq born

    A University of Tasmania field project was the seed for creating the very first modules.

  • 2012

    Riskteq goes interstate

    Our first customers outside Tasmania – in Sydney and WA – start using Riskteq.

  • 2014

    Crossing the ditch

    Riskteq goes international, with New Zealand clients coming on board.

  • 2017

    More modules

    New modules are added to the suite: Incidents, Hazards, and Feedback Management.

  • 2017

    Riskteq goes SaaS

    We move from on premises deployment to hosted Software As A Service.

  • 2018

    Greater UX

    Dashboards and work benches are introduced.

  • 2019

    Key modules

    More modules released: Business Objectives, Risk Management, and Continuous Improvement.

  • 2020

    Document Management

    Riskteq unveils the Document Management module.

  • 2021

    Inspections arrives

    The Inspections module is added to the suite, the 13th for Riskteq.

  • 2022

    Continued investment

    More features and modules coming