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If safety, risk management and compliance are important to your business, Riskteq’s streamlined information management software is designed to help you. Our paperless workflow systems are tailored to how you work, and help make your systems, processes and strategies work seamlessly together.

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Riskteq’s software comes in modules, each covering different aspects of safety, risk and compliance. Our modules are tailored to how you work, making your systems, processes and strategies work seamlessly together. Here’s a quick preview of just some of our 13 modules.


Manage incidents – and near-incidents – from wherever you are, with mobile-friendly software that lets you start your response straight away.

Risk Management

Easily build an organisation-wide approach to assessing risk and developing controls that keeps your team, clients and contractors safe and secure.


Get the tools to plan, execute and manage inspections for everything you need to be in control of, across your entire organisation.

Work Sites

Help make staff and sub-contractors aware of any workplace safety issues before they go to a site.

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Software that makes compliance, safety and risk management easy.

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Riskteq works with your organisation’s structure to make compliance and business planning come together for a common goal.

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Begin with the modules you need to solve today’s problems and grow at your own pace.

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Highly customisable to the needs of your business, Riskteq keeps you in control while helping you achieve your objectives.

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  • Huon chose Riskteq for its ability to provide a flexible incident and hazard reporting solution for their challenging work environment. Incidents can be reported from anywhere, notifying key people, and allowing managers to do an initial triage before passing on the safety group to undertake investigations.

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  • We’re excited to announce the launch of Inspections, the newest addition to our growing suite of risk, compliance and safety management modules.

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  • Care Forward was experiencing rapid growth. With that growth, their paper and spreadsheet-based processes around incident, hazard and feedback management needed to be updated and improved to ensure they could keep delivering high-quality care.

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Hear from the businesses we’ve helped.

After implementing Riskteq we feel much more informed in our decision making regarding risk management across our businesses. The information we now have available at a management and executive level regarding risks across our businesses means we’ve been able to take our quality assurance and control to the next level.

Joe Towns, Managing Director, Care forward

Riskteq was chosen because of its depth of function and flexible workflow engine, combined with a very easy to use mobile incident and hazard reporting process. The team at Riskteq understand our OH&S Strategy, listen to our issues and provide options as solutions. This consultative process allows us to effectively drive the shift in safety culture.

Stuart Lovell, Group Manager Corporate Risk, Huon Aquaculture

The implementation of Riskteq has allowed our staff to do real time reporting. The live link on staff phones is quick and easy to use, the information can be quickly entered and if needed, photos can be uploaded immediately, allowing managers to respond and provide appropriate supports to those involved in the event.

Wendy Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Care Forward

Staff have found Riskteq easy to learn and use, and it has delivered the depth of function we have needed to be confident in how we are managing skills and competencies, and training for our staff. And it is easy to produce the information we need to integrate into our monthly management reporting packs.

Mike Cotton, Finance Manager, McKay Timber