Riskteq Inspections – be ahead of the game

We’re excited to announce the launch of Inspections, the newest addition to our growing suite of risk, compliance and safety management modules.

Inspections gives you a structured framework for your quality and safety inspection program, letting you schedule inspections in advance, set due dates and assign them to your team. The mobile-friendly dashboard will help your team see what’s assigned to them, and the handy Inspections wizard will guide them through the inspection process – on site or in the field.

You can even create inspection templates, with custom checklists for each type of inspection you need to do.

  • Need equipment prestart checklists for multiple pieces of equipment?
    No problem.
  • Does your compliance regime include weekly environmental inspections?
    We’ve got you covered.
  • Time to plan and assign site safety inspections?
    Riskteq has all the tools you need.

You can add comments, photos or documents for each item that fails inspection, so that your corrective action has all the information needed at hand. Actions can be created and assigned for any follow-up work, with notifications for approaching due dates.

The Inspections workbench gives you a central place to manage your inspections planning, and to plan and deal with any remediation work needed.

When it comes to reporting, Inspections makes it simple to include information from Riskteq into your monthly reporting packs. And because Inspections is part of our integrated suite of modules, observing trends and initiating continuous improvement plans is easy.

Good risk, compliance and safety management isn’t about being reactive to events that have already happened (important as that is). It’s about getting ahead of the game and driving proactive management so you can deliver the best possible environment for your staff to work in while you meet your compliance obligations.

Riskteq already gives you the tools you need to be ahead of the game, check out Inspections and our other modules over on our product page.

Inspections management is now an important part of this suite. Being ahead of the game is what Riskteq is all about, and inspections are key to effective, proactive management.

All these tools are linked through to your Business Objectives for risk, compliance and safety, so you get a 360-degree view of your organisation’s planning, early warning systems, proactive management tools and responsive actions.