Our risk management software isn’t about technology. It’s about people.

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For more than 20 years, we’ve worked to make workplaces better for people. We developed risk management software for licensing systems, for child protection, working with vulnerable people, children and family services, victims of crime, public safety and more.

We came to understand there was a better way of doing things in the compliance and risk management space. Over three years, we worked with the goal of creating a consistent, organisation-wide approach to managing quality, compliance, risk and safety that integrates into your business.

Riskteq is a risk management framework for turning the complex into the simple, and making risk management an organic part of how people work. Along with tailoring Riskteq to your sector, business and challenges, we’ll work with you to:

risk management

Scope and define
We’ll agree on a project scope and what business improvements we’re aiming for.

risk management

Enable your team
We’ll train your team to use Riskteq’s risk management process.

risk management

Build the system
We’ll work together to complete system configuration, data migration, testing and system acceptance, as well as cultural change work to make sure maximum benefits are realised.

risk management

Transition to successful operation
We’ll support your team as you transition to a live risk management plan, train up your staff and complete the move to business as usual. Let’s work together to make safety and compliance a natural part of your business.

Chris Rasmussen, Riskteq Director and Melanie Pearce, Riskteq Director

“People are at the heart of everything we do. Whether it is the tasks people do, the equipment they use, or the environments they work in, our vision for Riskteq is to make a positive difference to people’s lives through better management of safety, risk and compliance in all aspects of work and community life.”

Chris Rasmussen, Director
Melanie Pearce, Director

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