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Standard Operating Procedures & Planning for higher risk activities

Riskteq helps you provide safe work environments for your staff and clients, visitors and contractors.

Riskteq links top-down safety and risk governance with bottom-up, on the ground planning and execution, to deliver a controlled, safe work environment. New activities can easily be created to build out a project framework. Template driven planning delivers efficiency.

Planning is quick and easy:

  • Standard Activity Templates
  • Work Site Master Records
  • Structured risk assessment using Standard Risks with predefined risk controls hierarchies ( based on risk type )
  • Equipment that is available and in service, and
  • Filtered selection lists of qualified personnel and contractors
  • Quick attachment of documents and images
  • Personnel have the required qualifications, equipment requiring servicing.
  • Riskteq’s workflow engine routes your work plan through the required approvals, and ensures everyone is informed

Riskteq connects and puts everyone on the same page, delivering a controlled risk environment for any activity.

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