The Riskteq workflow
for education and research.

Aged & disability care
Education & research
Riskteq is pre-configured for the education and research sectors, working seamlessly with your systems to manage risk. It also helps to provide a safe working environment, no matter how or where you work.
And we work closely with you through implementation, further tailoring the Riskteq framework to your business’s unique challenges.
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Health, safety, environment and community
  • Record incidents and near misses as they occur.
  • Structured investigations and action planning.
  • Meet your management reporting and analysis requirements.
  • Record hazards where they are identified.
  • Assess the risk and action as required.
  • Select the contractors that are right for the job.
  • Manage key details such as skills, insurances and licences.
  • Track incidents and feedback to help uphold safety and work standards.

Manage your employees’ accreditation status and objectives to help satisfy compliance regulations across the business.

Manage academics’ and staff’s approved roles, skills, competencies, qualifications, medical conditions and experience to meet regulations, plus manage activity pre-training courses and streamline approval processes for students and participants.
  • Plan and assign your inspections.
  • Templated questions by inspection type.
  • Remediation action planning and execution.
Build site registers for offices and teaching facilities, and for common trip sites. Identify risks at each site, and familiarise participants with the site through video and other supported media.
  • Develop a program of teaching and research activities for the year, getting approvals in advance.
  • Save time with preconfigured activity planning templates.
  • Use the activities workbench to manage all activities and approvals.

Achieve ISO 31000 compliance by creating an organisation-wide approach to risk management including assessment, controls development, approval and risk register publishing.

Riskteq gives you the tools to manage continuous improvement through the plan-do-check-act cycle as many times as needed.

  • Create structure with a centralised register for locating key documents.
  • Maintain version history to track changes.
  • Set key dates and retire obsolete documents.
  • See asset availability and serviceability.
  • Schedule and track maintenance and inspection history for every asset.
  • Assign assets and equipment to individuals or activities.
Simplify and codify the decision-making process with real-time data that lets you know what’s happening in your business.

Enjoy comprehensive compliance planning and activity planning, allowing you to better manage the workload associated with quality improvement initiatives.

Riskteq gives you the tools to easily record what happens in your business, and confidence that information can be retrieved when you need it.
Gain control over how you deliver on business objectives such as WH&S compliance, business risk management, cultural inclusion – or whatever you need it to be.
Business Management
Putting risk and safety policies at the heart of your compliance management makes
compliance and business planning work together for a common goal.
It lets you build safety and compliance into your ‘business as usual’, without needing additional resources to do it. This creates clearer decisions and robust records, putting you in control – and letting you focus on making a difference in people’s lives.
Riskteq – Education Workflow

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