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Riskteq, helping you to provide safe work environments

If you are responsible for managing risk or providing safe work environments you know how complex and challenging this work can be.

You are constantly faced with:

  • Providing safe work environments in every work situation
  • Constantly ensuring safety for visitors, guests or the public in general
  • Managing legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Managing accreditation objectives
  • Managing business and operational risk
  • The demands of meaningful and timely reporting

Riskteq gives you a complete workflow enabled suite of risk, compliance and safety management tools.

  • Experience proven, mature, functionally rich safety and risk planning
  • Manage your accreditation, legislative and audit compliance obligations
  • Easily report incidents, hazards, feedback from any mobile device. Transparency in managing outcomes
  • A single solution for both corporate and operational risk management
  • Manage personnel and contractors
  • Easily plan for higher risk activities
  • Access the reports you need for informed business decisions

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