Aged Care & Disability Services

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Quality, Compliance, Risk & Safety Management Solution built for Aged Care

  • Quality and Compliance front and centre
    Riskteq lets you capture all your quality and compliance needs in a single transparent solution no more weeks of preparation to bring all the disparate information together

  • Continuous Improvement
    Riskteq gives you a systematic and planned approach to continuously improving the quality of care and service.

  • Document Lifecycle Management
    Riskteq provides a structured process to catalogue and maintain your important documents and allows you to create richer context by linking documents to objectives, risks, incidents and more.

  • Reduce your Incidents
    Riskteq allows you to quickly record and manage hazards before they become incidents – no more paper forms or spreadsheets. Riskteq offers you a controlled approach to managing incidents which may occur.

  • Feedback and Community Engagement
    Riskteq is collaborative and gives you the power to record complaints and compliments while allowing for continuous improvement

  • Integrated Risk Management
    Riskteq can manage all your organisations risk from your Corporate Objectives to your everyday Age Care operational needs

  • Personal Dashboards
    Riskteq allows you to Personalise your own dashboard so that you only see only the things that are important to you

  • Integration
    Risketq integrates with your Aged Care Systems to ensure that information only needs to be recorded once.

  • The BIG Picture…
    Business Objectives & Strategic Risk Management

    Riskteq allows you to develop comprehensive management plans for your business objectives, managing corporate risk and the workflow engine keeps everyone informed.

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